this blog is no longer active! and please don't message me about the URLs that i have saved, because unfortunately, i don't know how to access them anymore and won't be able to get them to you, or even use them for myself.
Anonymous asked : oh, sorry! i thought you might have a page like that but i didn't see it!

it’s okay i never linked it anywhere! :)

Anonymous asked : how many urls do you have saved? (and what are they?)

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Anonymous asked : your top 5 favorite foods

  • cereal
  • spaghetti
  • meatloaf
  • pizza
  • mac & cheese
Anonymous asked : top 5 ships

  • damon/elena
  • jeff/annie
  • draco/hermione
  • nathan/haley
  • lucas/peyton

not in that order though

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Anonymous asked : '#i am scott mccall at all times' really are you do you turn into a werewolf whenever you want do you have a girlfriend named allison argent who is on and off do you have a best friend named stiles are you a boy are you hispanic are you AKHFSJKHAKJHG SORRY I AM TURNING CAUSE I AM ACTUALLY SCOTT MCAAAAAWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


this was asked like five days ago but i didn’t see it until now holy shit but omfg i saw it and i’m crying/dying/wheezing/yelling/sobbing on the floor because they’re perfect

and if anyone hasn’t seen it you can go here and watch it and fall in love with quinnlena ok bye

Anonymous asked : could you please make an instagram like (in terms of colouring and size) manip of dianna agron and leighton meester? pretty pleaaaase! your manips are gorgeous!!!

omfg thank you and okay i can try ajfkd;lsa

Anonymous asked : your manips are so good! what program do you use?

omfg thank you

i use photoshop cs4~

Anonymous asked : are you ever going to change your url from ddobrev?


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Anonymous asked : before people post on tumblr, they need to get their facts checked. romney wants to get rid of abortions and the pill, but not tampons. although he doesnt agree with them, he isnt going to ban them. If you google what he is going to do about tampons, it doesnt say anything about him banning them.

okay yes thank you i understand about people getting their facts straight, but fyi romney still wants to get rid of abortions and the pill - which is still really bad.

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