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A star fell on the ground, John. Make a wish.

A star fell on the ground, John. Make a wish.

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elena made sure no one but her touched jeremy on their way back. she probably sat in the boat with him draped across her lap, smoothed out his hair, brushed her fingers across his face. she ignored how cold he felt, because he was just sleeping. (right?)  then, they got home, and she carried him upstairs — like she did when they were little, and he fell asleep on the couch while they watched disney movies together.  she cleaned him off and tucked him in.  not even bothering to clean off herself, she pulled up a chair and held his hand.  anyone who tried to persuade her otherwise, she shooed them away. “i’m waiting for him to wake up,” she told them, and no one had the heart to tear her away.

all the while, everyone she ever lost was in the room with her, watching.  jeremy wasn’t with them yet (grayson, miranda, isobel, john, alaric, and jenna — all from their separate dimensions of the afterlife), but they were all there with her.

and they never left. and elena never left him, either.

jeremy gilbert is dead dont look at me