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New pictures of Billie Piper and David Tennant from the 2012 BBC drama “Love Life”

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30 Seconds To Mars

Hurricane - 30 Seconds to Mars

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Noah: So I wanted to give you something to mark our first Hanukkah together…

Rachel: We said no gifts Noah and whilst I’m sure you went to great lengths to find the perfect present I thought we’d agreed that in these tough economic times and as college freshmen that we should just spend… N-Noah what are you doing, why are you on the floor, I…

Noah: Can you stop talking for like 2 minutes babe I have something to say…

Rachel: Noah, what are you, I…

Noah: Don’t panic baby, this isn’t an engagement ring, well not right now anyway, it’s a promise ring, I love you Rachel, I pretty much handed you my balls the second we got to the city, I want to give you the world Rachel, I will and this is just my promise that I don’t plan on spending Hanukkah with anyone else, like ever.

Rachel: You are very sweet Noah Puckerman.

Noah: Well what do you say? You wanna be engaged to one day be engaged?

Rachel: Yes.

Noah: Happy Hanukkah, Rach.

Rachel: Happy Hanukkah Noah, I really do love you.

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draco/hermione remix → jack/rose (titanic)

For the World Just Passed Away by bunney

Draco Malfoy is trapped in an engagement to a woman he does not love, but on a fateful voyage to America, he meets another woman who will change his life and show him that love is worth dying for.

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