heart on a string
a string that only plays solos


littlefinger: come with me, sansa. i was friends with lady catelyn, and i’ll never hit you

sansa: okay sounds good

littlefinger: i’ll just molest you and pretend you’re your mom

sansa: wait what?

littlefinger: i said don’t be so depressed because lemoncakes are the bomb

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oh my god   got   queue  


shout out to my friend for picking the most inappropriate background music for her class project on alzheimer’s disease

“somebody that i used to know”

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Stiles: Derek has dog breath in the morning.
Scott: Ew.

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tinypic you win congrats


tinypic you win congrats

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Ew with Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum. (x)


#gOD YOU LO v E EAC HT OTHER S OF UCK ING MUCH, #hELp mE, #perfectly spelled otp tag, #perfectly spelled character tag