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 #i was so angry at kurt in this scene #he has this really bad habit of belittling people’s issues #to favor his own or others’ as long as they’re similar to his#quinn may not have suffered heavy bullying #(which i call bs because hello lucy caboosey?) #like the world may have not turned on her #but when she got pregnant #this girl lost everything in her life #she lost her parents #lost her friends #became completely invisible #which should be stressing enough as it is considering how hard she’d worked for it #how hard she’d worked to go from lucy to quinn #and then back to something somewhat similar to lucy #but then she also ended up losing her child #and suffered from severe post partum depression #this girl had to watch her whole life fall apart before her eyes #but she held it together somehow #she kept her head up high and not only did she survive #not only was she strong enough to get through losing everything and everyone#without ANYBODY’S help because no one noticed #or they did and only shot her down even more (thanks will and shelby!) #except for puck and rachel this year #she was also strong enough not to let it affect her academic life #strong enough to put it all in paper#in an essay that probably got her into yale #deservingly so #i don’t think that’s just a teen pregnancy and a bad dye job kurt #sit the fuck down

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