this blog is no longer active! and please don't message me about the URLs that i have saved, because unfortunately, i don't know how to access them anymore and won't be able to get them to you, or even use them for myself.
kinda-decent asked : happy birthday! I know you've had a great one bc you've been getting love since this morning looool :*

thank you!!! and i have had a pretty great birthday so far :’)

Anonymous asked : oh, sorry! i thought you might have a page like that but i didn't see it!

it’s okay i never linked it anywhere! :)

cru-cio asked : Happy birthdaaaay! :)

thank you thank you!!! <33

tatianamaslany asked : happy birthday! :)

thank you very very much! :)

Anonymous asked : how many urls do you have saved? (and what are they?)

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shaymitchell asked : happy birthday! :)

sjfklsd thank you :’)

razoespelaqualsorrir asked : Happy birthday to you and much happiness ><

thank you bb :3

ripgilberts asked : Happy birthday love<3

Thank you so much!!! :)

jesscapshaw-deactivated20130608 asked : happy birthday :)

thank you!!! <3

thekatebishops asked : happy birthday baby girl!!

THANK YOU BABYCAKES i miss youuuuu <3