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So, all of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will… where do you want to start?

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#i can predict the amount of takes this took for them to do before they even got past the 3rd gif #i mean look at the second to last gif you can see billie is trying not to laugh and then she’s just like WAIT NO STOP #and davids just so very close to laughing aswell in his own way but he likes this because he can be so stupid #and billie has to like be quiet and nice omg #10 your david is showing #i predict this took at least 5 takes to even stop them laughing I BET

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doctor who meme: two quotes

(quote by the tenth doctor in the next doctor)

“They leave because they should, or they find someone else. And some of them, some of them…forget me. I suppose, in the end, they break my heart.”  [1/2]

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Don’t blink.

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#I love how Rory just rolls with shit #oh it’s bigger on the inside #extra dimension okay #oh I died and am a roman #oh my wife’s a ganger #oh let’s blow up some cybermen #oh it’s a robot that shrinks people #have we even ever seen him freak out about anything? #he’s like the chillest person to ever hit the TARDIS

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doctor who meme | seven outfits
Raggedy Doctor [1/7]

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